About Me


Eric Deine is a self-taught freelance photographer. Fell in love with photography back in 2010 in Norway where his love for Photography was put to the test.

From a humble background he couldn’t despise this strong passion as he always thought of how beautiful memories could be preserved forever so, he taught himself from YouTube and Online Photography Courses.

Being so curious about how cameras could create images which last a lifetime; he started practising in 2010 in Norway – shooting Portraits, Street Photography, Infant Photography, sometimes Night Life.

Telling stories and capturing the special hidden moments that will happen in your: the smiles, glances and kisses – moments that would otherwise be lost; opens up a gateway to self expression through photo angles, color tones and the retouching process which amazes him the most.

Presently located in Dubai UAE, he won a competition in Lekki Lagos Nigeria, was best photographer 2020 in his region back in Cameroon, has worked with Lotus Cars UAE, Olars Grace(clothing brand), shot for celebs including Tunisian Pro Tennis Player, Lesa Milan of Real Housewives of Dubai, Caroline Brooks of Real Housewives of Dubai. As a good listener he can bring your photo session, project to fruition. For each project or shoot, you can trust him as your research smith who burns the midnight candles to ensure that his contemporary portrait style exceeds past stereotypes and has transformed the face of portrait photography in this generation, especially when it comes to capturing portraits, weddings etc. expect images that are second to none.